The Best Vitamin C Supplement of All Time

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to optimal vitamin C supplementation. Nutrition can be obtained from different sources. So we looked for the best pick for each source: synthetic ascorbic acid, natural ascorbic acid and mineral ascorbates. After talking to multiple physicians and nutritionists. analyzing the results of multiple third-party lab tests and reading the labels for hundreds of ingredients. We looked for our winners.

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How We Choose The Best Vitamin C Supplements

We started by digging out supplements that use artificial colors (discarding several chewable tablets) or proprietary blends. The proprietary blends were a special sticking point: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) manufacturers. Do not need to list how many ingredients each proprietary uses in their proprietary blend. That doesn’t mean you know what you are swallowing.

However, these supplements are necessary to list the sources of this vitamin C. So we cut out any vitamin C supplement that violates the labeling law.

Next, we removed the products that contain any of the ingredients below. They occupy a gray area – they are probably okay to consume but there are less-questioned options:

Titanium Dioxide: This is an FDA-approved ingredient used as a dye on tablets. But the International Agency for Cancer Research considers it “probably carcinogenic to humans. So we cut off the supplements it contains.

Maltodextrin: Maltodextrin is used as a filler and although it has no serious health risks, it has a higher glycemic index than table sugar. There is no reason you need it as a vitamin C supplement – and there are plenty of products without it.

That’s why we chose it

Bulk Supplements” is such a vague name that it may seem like something you buy through an unmarked van. But we find this supplement to be more than credible. Since it is a powder, it has no filler material available on the tablet: it contains nothing but ascorbic acid. It scores 100 percent in Labrador, the highest-ranking vitamin C supplement, labeling accuracy, nutritional value and ingredient protection. And it is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards – an indication of consistent quality.

Dose control

Since this supplement is a powder, you can choose your dose. The package offers 1000 mg daily. but the measurement guidelines on the label make it easy for us to adjust how much it has taken. Nature’s way of comparing it with Alive Vitamin C (pick our top natural ascorbic acid), it doesn’t taste terrible. bulk supplements were a much more transparent alternative. Our testers saw it with lemon water memorabilia, with a bit of a tuck punch at the end.