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Dog food is that the flagship whole of Champion Dog foods, the maker of the world’s most victory pet foods. These pet foods are created with a mission: to use contemporary, regional ingredients to form biologically acceptable foods that mirror the amount freshness and form of meats that dogs are meant to eat. tired Champion Dog foods’ own kitchens with the best standards of biological process integrity and food safety. Orijen works laborious to attain these goals so you’ll be able to have peace of mind that your dog is obtaining solely the simplest of the best.

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The name ‘ORIJEN’ comes from the Latin word ‘origin,’ that means starting or supply. This food is formed with the need to mirror the meals of your dog’s ancestors – the food that your dog is evolved to eat. Being biologically acceptable means ORIJEN dog food is crammed with unmatched inclusions of contemporary meats – between 80% and 90% – and 2 thirds of this meat is fresh or raw. the opposite third is dry at low temperatures to concentrate its goodness and supply a healthy serving to of macromolecule. selection is another side of being biologically acceptable that ORIJEN follows. No but eight completely different animal macromolecule sources are featured in a very single bag of food, providing an expensive form of nutrients and one delicious meal.

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ORIJEN Dog Food’s kitchens are settled within the heart of Kentucky’s agricultural community, providing the inspiration for these foods in addition because of the supply of their ingredients. Responsibly farmed, ranched or fished, ORIJEN Dog Food’s contemporary native ingredients come back from sure suppliers United Nations agency meet strict quality standards. These foods travel from farm to ORIJEN’s victory kitchens in 3 days, wherever they’re tested, processed, packaged and shipped. No have to be compelled to worry concerning foreign ingredients or third parties – from beginning to end, ORIJEN dog food is Yankee-made and meets or exceeds American standards for pet foods.

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If you’re searching for dog food which will provide you with peace of mind concerning your hirsute friend’s health and happiness, ORIJEN dog food is a perfect selection. With over a decade of providing pets with AN exceptional quality, utterly nourishing and irresistible food, you and your dog are each absolute to love ORIJEN dog food.