Privacy Policy

We acknowledge that your privacy is very important and take it seriously. This Privacy Policy describes the annexfair policies and procedures on the annexfair website, your mobile phone, or annexfair applications when using external gear lab services. We will not use or share your information with anyone other than those described in this privacy policy.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the use of your personal information, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. By using this site and our services, you agree with processing your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.


From time to time, we can change the privacy policy. when we, the “last updated” line at the top of this page will be fixed. After posting changes to the privacy policy, your continued use of the site indicates your acceptance of that change. Until we provide you with specific notice, no changes will be applied to our privacy policy properly.


When you use our services, in other activities, subscribe to our newsletter, browse our site or otherwise contact our services, we collect personal information. This information is essential for providing you services or improving your customer experience.

Personal information is information that identifies you as a person or relates to a recognized person. Different types of personal information can be collected when you contact services. Examples of such personal information include your name, email address, demographic information (eg age, gender and zip code) and interests.

In addition to collecting other personal and personal information, parents can collect other information about how our site is used. This information is not personally identifiable and will be used to determine how our website is used. Example Information: How much time do users spend on our site? What pages do they see? Did they come from the site? Do they go to the site? This information is collected to help us build a better, faster, more efficient website and provide better content.

We may collect certain information on your computer or devices (including mobile devices or tablets) to access the services automatically. As described below, we can collect and analyze mobile device carrier information, as described in IP address, relocation information, unique device identifier, IMEI and TCP / IP address and information about your computer or device (s), browser type, other browser information. , State or country where you have access to the service; And (b) statistical information about web pages and URLs of reference and exit, platform type, number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages and content (such as advertising) and their statistical statistics, use of services (such as barcode through our mobile application) Information pages, dates and times you use our services, Service usage frequency, error logs, and other similar information can be found, as we have described below, we can use third parties to provide this information, including analysis providers and technology, cookies and similar tools.

We collect and analyze your operating system, plug-in, system fonts, resolutions, and other data to create a unique profile or “fingerprint” for your browser or device from your browser or device. You can monitor content or use fingerprints or monitor the use of content misuse, or monitor other privacy practices, customize content or ads through services, how you can communicate with services and analyze it.

Uses and Purposes of Collected Information – By submitting our website to us and sending a form to our website, intentionally collect any information other than your personal information or logs a registered user in our website area.

Gear Patrol will use this information to help improve your search process and request process and/or improve our products and services. Gear Patrol expresses willingness to share such information with a third party outside of Gear Patrol, including its affiliated manufacturers and service providers.


If you would like to use our invitation service to invite you to visit our friends, we will ask you the person’s email address and automatically send an email invitation. You can use our Contact Import Tool to help you upload your friends’ email addresses so that you can already list friends of friends or invite friends of friends. Annexfair can invite your friend to invite invitations, accept your invitation, track invitations and track successfully and identify your friends at annexfair. The annexfair will not share or share personal information with a third party name and email address.

If you sign in to an external gearbox account using your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social networking site (“SNS”), we will collect and save your SNS user ID.

You provide us information about user information posted on our service. Other contributions to your questions, answers, and services and their metadata (such as when you post) are publicly visible to your name (your services are not posted anonymously). This information can be searched by search engines and may be republished on the web in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Visitors will not need to provide personal information for common use on the site. Visitors may have the opportunity to provide the best reviews with their personal information in response to specific services or work (e.g., sign up for the best newsletter). Get extra services, such as providing personal information provider names and email addresses.

If you register for the service’s membership account, you provide your information, such as your name and email address. Your name and other information will be available for public viewing on your profile. If you want to submit questions and get answers via text messages, you can provide our mobile phone number. We may send you a notice in your email address (instead of contacting the mail by post with notice). You can control the receiving services related to your settings page. We can use your contact information to send you marketing email messages. If you do not want to receive such messages, you can opt out by following the instructions in the message. When you contact us via email, we can keep the contents of your email messages, your email address and our responses.

If you disclose personal information with our service provider to us or any other person, including our services, you represent that you have the right to do so and are allowed to use the information in accordance with our privacy policy.


We collect, use or otherwise process personal information as permitted by applicable law, which includes one or more of the following:

  • We deal with you;
  • Worker’s legal interests, third parties or yourself A technical term under “valid interest” regulation. This means that good reasons for processing your personal information and actions. We have a legitimate interest in collecting and processing personal information, for example: (1) to ensure that our network and information are secure; (2) manage and generally manage a business in the work count; And (3) prevent fraud;
  • We consent to a legal obligation which is a matter; Or
  • You agree to provide your personal information

We use personal information:

  • Provide you with content and services;
  • Contact with your policy;
  • Send newsletters and email;
  • Provides ads with ads or activity on third-party sites and applications;
  • The contest, sweepstakes, promotions, and surveys;
  • Identify, investigate, and prevent actions that may violate or violate our policies;
  • Contact your account about your account, respond to your inquiries and send information about services and improvements; And
  • Performs statistical, demographic, and service users’ marketing analytics.


We may collect and/or personalize personal information so that it is not considered as personal information. We do this to generate other data for our use, which we can use and publish for a purpose.


Like other websites, annexfair track general information about our visitors’ trends, site admin, tracking users’ tracking sites and demographic information by improving our visitors’ experience. This information is also known as track files, but not limited to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), access time, referencing websites, exit pages, and click activity. This information is tracked personally (for example, by name).

One way to collect this general information through annexfair Cookies is to write a small text file with a unique identifier string of characters. Cookies help viewer’s browser type or viewer’s browser type or other information, based on visitor’s store information about visitors ‘preferences, user-specific information about users’ access pages, and web visits to customize.

You can disable cookies in your web browser Cookies may be disabled; Cookies are not connected to any personal information. Cookies can be found in websites related to browser specific information about cookies management with specific web browsers.


This information is automatically stored by cookies and other session tools. For example, this may be your shopping cart information, your IP address, your shopping history (if any) and so on. This information is used to exalted your customer experience.

We may use other internet technologies, log files, clear GIFs, flash technology and other similar technologies to provide cookies or contact. We can include clear GIFs in HTML-based emails sent to our users. We take additional technology; we can collect additional information through other methods.

We use these automated technologies to collect and analyze certain types of information, including information related to the devices you use, or contact services such as:


We collect collective and/or anonymous information collected through the Service so that we may use any purpose, defined, anonymous and other non-personally identifiable data, including the purpose of research and marketing for information, and our use and disclosure information such as this Privacy Under the policy no restrictions.

Annexfair permits to serve services on third-party ad servers or ad networks. Automatically get your IP address when these third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology to send them directly to your browser, ads, and links shown in annexfair. They can use other technologies (such as cookies, JavaScript, or web beacons) to measure the effectiveness of their advertising and personalize advertising materials. annexfair does not provide any personally identifiable information in these third-party ad servers or ad networks without your consent. However, please note that if an advertiser asks to show an outdoor gear lab to a specific viewer’s ad, and if you respond to that ad, then the advertiser or ad-server may conclude that the viewers who are able to access to appear are appropriate. annexfair does not apply to the privacy policy, and we cannot control the actions of third party advertisers. For more information, see advertisers’ own privacy policies.


Annexfair uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial and technical security to protect your privacy. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any information sent to annexfair, or any physical, technical, or operational security access to the information in the Service may be accessed, published, modified or destroyed.

Personal information is compromised due to security violations, but according to the privacy policy of the notification PC, or by the laws applicable to others, annexfair will notify persons immediately to compromise their personal information.


You must refuse to submit personally identifiable information through the service, in which case annexfair may be able to provide you with some services. You can update or correct your account information and email preferences at any time by logging in to your account.

How do you access your personal information, change or delete:

If you want to review, correct, limit or delete personal information that has already provided us, please object to processing personal information or request an electronic copy of your personal information. The company (as enacted as possible by law, it will be represented by the law), you can contact us in this form.

At your request, please tell us what personal information you want to change, if you want to suppress your personal information from our database or, otherwise, tell us what restrictions you would like us to use for your personal information. For your protection, we will implement your personal information with the specific email address used to send your request and your request will be implemented before you verify your identity.


We may use and disclose other information for any purpose, where we will have to make another of us under applicable law. In some cases, we may combine personal information with other information. If we do this, it will consider collective information as personal information as joint information.


If we do not specifically request it (for example, related to a particular survey), we ask that you do not send us and you will not disclose any sensitive personal information (eg, social security number, ethnic or racial origin, political opinion, Religion or other beliefs, health, biometrics or genetic characteristics, criminal background or trade unions Na membership) or through the Services or otherwise to us. Health, political opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or sexual orientation are not responding to any requested information, including sensitive information.


We use reasonable efforts to protect personal information. However, any information storage system or transmission system can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. As a result, we cannot guarantee any information (including personal information) that we receive for protection. If you believe that your communication is not safe for us, please prompt us immediately under the “Contact Us” section.


The cookie is a small text file that is sent to the web server on your computer or mobile device (referred to as “device” in this policy) so that the website may remember some information about your browsing activity. The cookie will collect information about your usage of the sites, the device’s IP address and the browser type, demographic data, and your site from third-party sites linking the URL page and collecting information about your device. If you are a registered user or subscriber, it can also collect your name and email address, which can be transferred to data processors for registered user or customer verification.

Cookies record information about your online preferences and help you find your interests relevant to our websites. Information provided by cookies may help you to use your site and provide a better user experience.

  • Social media cookie

Cookies used by social media services These cookies may affect your interests and maybe a profile of your interest, which may affect the content and messages that you visit on other websites.

  • How to manage and remove cookies

If you use our services through the browser, you can restrict, block, or remove cookies through your web browser settings. Most menu menus in the menu bar let you know how to delete a new cookie, old cookies, and how to prevent new cookies and cookies from being completely removed.

  • Strictly necessary purposes

These cookies are not necessary for websites to work and can not be switched to our system. It is used to guarantee your site security and login to provide shopping cart functionality. Without such technology, our services will not function properly or provide certain features and functionality.

  • Performance purposes

These cookies were used to analyze what visitors are using on a website, for example, most visitors go to provide a good user experience for visitors. We use this technology to test whether we’ve used this email so that we can see properly distributed and interested.

  • Personalization cookie

These cookies were used to remember the choices you selected and to provide personalized content recommendations.

  • Strictly essential cookie

This is the cookie that is needed for our website. For example, cookies enable you to access the secure area of our website, use a shopping cart or use e-billing services.

  • Analytical/performance cookie

This helps to improve how our website works, for example, ensuring that users are looking for it easily

  • Function Cookie

It is used when you return to our website. It enables us to personalize our content; you are greeted with your choices (for example, your language or region preferences).

  • Goal cookie

This cookie allows you to visit your website, the pages you visit and the links you follow. We will use this information to make your website more relevant to your interests. We can share this information.

  • How to manage and remove cookies

If you use our services through the browser, you can restrict, block or remove cookies through your web browser settings. Most menus in the menu bar help menu tell you how to get a new cookie, how to delete old cookies, and how to prevent it from completely removing new cookies and cookies.


This website uses the ‘Google Adsense’ online advertising program, especially its conversion tracking function. Conversion tracking cookies are set when a user clicks on an ad delivered by Google. These cookies will expire after 30 days and will not receive personal identification if the user visits specific pages of this website and the cookie has not expired, then we and Google will recognize that the user has clicked on this ad and that you are redirected to this page.


Best Review Privacy Policy Only other websites applicable to the best review content, those who have the best ads to advertise, best review links, or best review links can have their own policies.

When you click on these ads or links, these third party advertisers or sites will automatically receive your IP address. Other technologies such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web beacons can be used by third party advertising networks to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and/or to see personalized content.

There is no control over annexfair and is not responsible for this, in this way you can consult the privacy policies related to these third-party ad servers for more information on their practice.


Annexfair not knowingly collects or requests personal information from anyone who is under 13, or wisely does not allow them to register these services for the safety of children, if we become aware that we will collect personal information from any person under the age of 13 without verifying the parents’ consent. We’ve removed the data, that’s the step.


Note that when you enter a promotion or deletion (for example, when you write a promotion, you can change or delete the personal information provided after this type of purchase or promotion).

If you are a registered user of California residents and services under the age of 18, then you may wish to remove the content or information posted on the Services at the top of the information we listed.

Note that complete or extensive removal materials or information such as, for example, some of your content may be reposted by another user


When visitors leave comments on the site, we collect comment form data and also collect the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent strings to help detect spam.

An anonymous form created from your email address (also called a hash) cannot be given Gravitas services. Greater Service Privacy Policy is available here After approving your comment, your profile is publicly visible.

IP address:

Information unique device identifier And other information about you is mobile phone or other mobile device (s), browser type, browser language; And (b) information about how you communicate with the Services, such as the reference and exit pages and URLs, the type of platform, the number of clicks, the domain name, the landing pages, the pages, and the time spent on those pages, amount of specific pages The date and time the service has used, and other similar information. We can also find other data like search criteria and results.

As mentioned above, we collect and save the source IP address of your device. At the time of an IP address, your device’s general location (such as city, state, country, and continent) is published. We may use your device’s IP address:

  • You get personalized advertising;
  • Customizing our products, services, and operations;
  • Detect, investigate and inhibit activities that may violate or invalid our policies
  • Site users perform statistically, demographic, and marketing analysis.

We may collect various types of information about your location, including general information (such as an IP address, zip code) and more specific information (eg, GPS-based functionality on mobile devices used to access the service) and use to customize that information. And services with features if you use the service through a mobile device and you If you do not want to provide location-tracking information to your device, you can disable GPS or other location-tracking functions on your device.

Annexfair may use the services to provide advertisements on third-party services and to use the services for analyzing and analyzing the information you collect, collective site usage statistics, and content sharing services. annexfair does not control the use of such third-party technologies and their uses are governed by those parties’ privacy policy.


When accessing services and other websites or online services, we may work with third party advertising agencies using web beacons, cookies, pixel tags, or other similar technologies to provide advertisements about products and services for your interest. Companies cannot access your name, address, email address, telephone number, or other personal information from us. However, they can anonymously track the usage of your internet across other websites on their network outside of the network. To learn more about this information used by our third-party advertising partners, opt-out through network advertising initiatives


You can review and update specific information on the Services through your relevant account settings. For additional assistance with review or correction of information

If you provide contact information through this policy, you will not be able to use this information for marketing purposes at any time according to this policy: (a) you have provided the link below any email and future elections in future; Or (b) Please note that you will not be able to exclude emails about your transactions and related relationships, such as your account related requests, inquiries or searches, and products and/or services.

The European Economic Zones (“EEA”) and many other judiciaries have certain legal rights to make personal information about them, access to their personal information, and to make sure they are corrected, updated, corrected or deleted. The appropriate creator may have your right to your personal information, your personal data may limit our processing and you can withdraw any consent. To practice this right, contact us as described below. Our security system means we can request information. This proof of identity card will accept a password submitted to your email address and registration. We strongly encourage you to raise any first question or concern about your personal data, but you have the right to contact the relevant supervisory authority.

Subject to the significant limitations of the rights described here and the exceptions under applicable law (such as in case of personal information processing objections and withdrawal consent, there will be no reverse response).


You can upload any posts or on our website (“submission”) to non-confidential and non-ownership. You have no prospect of privacy and have no obligation to privacy with no submission of gear patrol. In addition, Gear Patrol Gear Patrol is not responsible for the use and / or treatment of your submissions made by authorized companies and service providers. Before submitting, you acknowledge that (1) your submissions are not owned by a third party, or it does not violate the patent, copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property rights, and (2) you will hold the Gear Patrol such as submitting or arising Harmful to liabilities.

contact us:

If you have any questions about this policy or the site, please contact us and you can see us about pages.